National Alliance Announces 2005 Outstanding CSR of the Year Award Winners

June 30, 2005

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research has announced the selection of the state winners of the 2005 National Outstanding CSR of the Year Award. This honor originated in 1991 to recognize the contributions of customer service representatives within the insurance community.

To qualify for the top state honor, candidates submitted an original essay on the topic: “The Four Most Constructive Things a Producer Can Do Now to Help CSRs.” Additionally, those selected must have demonstrated commendable service to their agencies, their industry, and their community. The only eligibility requirement for this award is that the candidate must be an insurance customer service representative, or have primary responsibility for insurance customer service duties.

“The Outstanding CSR of the Year Award recognizes select individuals for their dedication, knowledge, and commitment to the industry,” said William T. Hold, Ph.D., president of The National Alliance. “This year, the state-level winners showed remarkable insight into how pivotal their roles are to the success of their agencies, and the commitment necessary to provide good service to their agencies as well as their customers.”

Each state winner receives a framed certificate and is eligible to compete for the national honor, which carries a $1,000 cash award, a gold and diamond pin, and a scholarship for the recipient’s employer to any program offered by The National Alliance. Additionally, the name of the Outstanding CSR of the Year is inscribed on a sculpture permanently displayed at the national headquarters of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research in Austin, Texas.

Outstanding Customer Service Representatives of the Year for 2005:

Alabama – Sandra J. Redmon, CIC, CISR
Arizona – Arlene Yeskin
Arkansas – Johnnie Ann Washburn
California – Janet L. Sprague, ACSR
Colorado – Beverly Maxwell, CISR
Florida – Cathy M. Cassetta, CPIW, AAI
Georgia – Nancy C. Gates, CIC
Idaho – Cricket Mitchell
Illinois – Andrea Krugler, AIS
Indiana – Martha J. Sena, CIC, AAI, ACSR
Iowa – Roxann Hendryx, CIC, CISR
Kansas – Diane K. Rose, CISR
Kentucky – Mary W. Stafford, CISR, ACSR, CPIW
Louisiana – Susan A. McNair
Massachusetts – Darlene Ball
Maine – Christine Wilson
Maryland – Diane A. Kolesar, CIC, AAI
Michigan – Kelly Dues, CIC
Minnesota – Jolene Anderson
Missouri – Denise W. Wieberg, CISR
Montana – Misty Longfellow Kriskovich, CIC
Nebraska – Debra A. Dillon, CISR
New Hampshire – Annette Oakes, ACSR
New Jersey – Stephanie Magruder, CISR, CPSR
New York – Patti A. Maccio, CIC
North Carolina – Erica H. Stowe, CISR
Ohio – Melanie A. Wilson, CISR
Oklahoma – Miranda M. Wescott, CIC, CISR
Oregon – Kathleen B. Long, CPCU, CPIW
Pennsylvania – Diane L. Hodas, CISR
Texas – Tina Sparks, ACSR
Utah – Bonnie J. Olgia, CISR, AIS, CPIW, CPSR
Virginia – Joanne W. Schnurman
Washington – Melissa Kaufman
West Virginia – Rebecca Sue Tiller, AAI, CPIW
Wisconsin – Wendy C. Matousek

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