The Hartford Enhances Executive Liability Package

November 9, 2005

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. has just introduced Private Choice Encore! Plus, a new suite of endorsements for its Private Choice Encore! management liability package policy. The enhanced endorsements are offered to middle market customers at no additional premium.

Private Choice Encore! Plus provides the following major coverage improvements:

* State-of-the-art application severability including affirmative severability for indemnifiable loss, limited imputation to the Insured Entity, and Side A Non-Rescindable language.
* Entity defense-only sub-limit for antitrust claims.
* Security holder carve-backs to entity-only professional services and intellectual property exclusions.
* Broad, state-of-the-art definitions of claim, include civil, criminal, regulatory and arbitration proceedings, and agreements to toll (temporarily suspend) the statute of limitations.

Hartford’s Private Choice Encore! policy with Plus endorsements continues to provide all of the management liability features available in the original Private Choice Encore! product, such as a free Additional Dedicated Limit for Executives for Side A claims; No settlement provision “Hammer Clause;” and affirmative coverage for Private Placements or for a failure to go public.

For more information, brokers or agents can call Patricia Fitzgerald at 212-277-0457.

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