NTSB Acting Chairman Emphasizes Board’s Role in General Aviation Safety

February 15, 2006

National Transportation Safety Board Acting Chairman Mark Rosenker this week reiterated the Safety Board’s commitment to the safety of the general aviation community.

“Having a safe and efficient aviation transportation network is essential for the commercial viability, economic stability and security of the nation,” said Rosenker at the General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA) executive meeting.

In his speech he stated, that general aviation (GA) is a leading force in transportation and the economy and too important to be overlooked. “We are all partners in the quest to make safe skies even safer,” said Rosenker.

According to GAMA’s statistics, GA directly contributes more than $41 billion annually to the U. S. economy. More than 200,000 aircraft, ranging from two-seat trainers to intercontinental business jets, fly nearly twice the airlines’ flight hours, and carry 166 million passengers annually.

Rosenker acknowledged GA’s impact on the commercial airline industry, saying that GA can be a proving ground for new technologies and designs that eventually migrate into commercial and airline aircraft. Advanced avionics and composite materials are examples of this technology migration. GA also provides a vehicle by which professional pilots are trained so that they can enter into the ranks of commercial airline pilots.

The Safety Board will continue to work closely with GAMA and its members to aggressively pursue initiatives to increase general aviation safety, according to Rosenker.

The full text of the speech is available on the NTSB Web site at: www.ntsb.gov.

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