MarketScout Launches Monoline WC Facility Targeting Energy Accounts

November 21, 2006

MarketScout, the Dallas Texas based eInsurance Exchange, has launched a new exclusive Monoline Energy Workers’ Compensation program. The facility accepts most class codes related to the energy industry, including operations “over the hole” and USL&H exposures.

“There are numerous, excellent liability alternatives for insureds in the energy and related industries, however, many times these alternatives cannot be accepted because they do not offer a workers’ compensation solution. As a result, the insured must bind coverage at a higher premium from an insurer that offers all lines of coverage. In effect, insurers that can write all lines of coverage may use workers’ compensation as a hammer in their negotiations to write the account,” said Richard Kerr, chairman and CEO of MarketScout. “Our new Monoline Energy WC facility will create alternatives that are more competitive for our agents and their insureds. Effectively, our WC facility will help all Monoline GL markets. We welcome the opportunity to support A-rated Monoline GL markets providing them access to our WC facility.”

Source: MarketScout

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