Senate Banking Panel to Hear Natural Disaster Commission Bill Today

August 1, 2007

  • January 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Hadassah Vicki Lazette Williamson says:
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    Remember we learned about roundness… It was discovered that the earth is round. Nature is round too & it has enveloped us because there has been a drastic fluctuation & we are no longer adapted to the rounness of nature. We must be rounded like nature… Balanced. This will be the most optimal state for creation… in area and aspect of our lives; This includes activities we’r involved in… Regardless of the culture, education, family… etc. I always say what goes around .. Comes around… I see that in nature by the waywe relate to it… and the way nature show us it’s response. I don’t feel very good out in nature. I hear talk about the air quaility, the ozone… etc. That doesn’t make me feel very comfortable.

    We need to participate in nature to escape such disasters like huricanes, tornadoes, …etc. So lets unity in this project and cooperate with each other to become connected for this common goal to become round like nature. Hey if we do we’ll be able to prevent this crisi… This will have to be a global task. We hav to become interconnected as all of creation is. When humanity develops into an interdepent society… Nature will reward us with prosperity. The more we are opposite nature the bigger the crisis. This is a real problem. We need to develop a program that will educate humanity on how to intergrate all of us back into this integral system… called nature … which is governed by nature that is governed by the Laws of Nature.

    So if you need a new job.. here ya go! Get on-board because this ark is setting sail. Nature is going to win… and the flood waters will rise… Suffering and pangs of pain will not cease. we are weakWe can not fight the force of nature… we are too weak. I’m telling you that Western unemployment rates in this world are going to rise. Do not be disappointed with your life… Work in this program … you’ve got a lot of free time.

    In this way we will, at least, escape the general, global crisis that we are experiencing today. This crisis was created as a result of our oppositeness to nature, which is an integral system. And this was revealed only in the last one hundred years.

    Be willing to sit & learn at your desk… It will be like a regular work day… just in a different setting & unlike the work day these will only be a few hours a day to receive your “stipend”. This is not unemployment. It’s would be considered part-time work… or if you just study… then the allowance is for your studying. This is the kind of program we need make a priority. The students must however treat these study tasks seriously… like they are a job! We need to get started on this without hesitation! Continue your education and get into these courses that will re-train us to the Laws of nature. No worries because justlike at the colleges everybody will be excepted after being tested… Be informed… the obligation will be to study for success. Busy days ahead. Subjects in the curriculum will be in line with the integral teaching… and include… geography, household finance, psychology, the science of man… etc.

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