Chartis Expands Environmental Product to Two Additional Industries

November 17, 2010

Chartis has expanded its NextGen Protection, a suite of environmental insurance products, to additional industries.

The additional industry segments within the NextGen Protection suite are:

PLL MuniProtect for Municipalities
PLL MuniProtect has been developed to address the environmental exposures associated with municipalities. Unforeseen pollution incidents arising from the operation of schools, parks, roadways, waste water treatment facilities and other services may lead to third-party claims which, if left uninsured, may impact the financial resources of the municipality. As a result, the funds available for these public services may be reduced.
PLL REAL Protect for Commercial Real Estate
PLL REAL (“Real Estate and Land”) Protect has been created to focus on the specific pollution exposures associated with Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”). Owning or operating CRE, including office buildings, shopping centers, hotels/motels and multi-unit residential buildings, provides exposure to environmental risks, such as those associated with indoor air contaminants, which PLL REAL Protect is designed to address.

Coverage provided by PLL MuniProtect and PLL REAL Protect enhances the Chartis insurers’ pollution legal liability (PLL) insurance products. PLL provides protection to insureds for third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage and clean-up costs resulting from pollution conditions. Coverage can be provided for owned locations, transportation exposures, covered operations and non-owned disposal sites utilized by an insured.

The NextGen Protection suite currently includes:

  • PLL Wellness Protect;
  • PLL Campus Protect;
  • EAGLE TopCoat Protect;
  • EAGLE AgriProtect;
  • EAGLE TSDF Protect;
  • EAGLE Personal Care Protect;
  • PLL MuniProtect; and
  • PLL REAL Protect.

Source: Chartis

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