ACE Releases First Dollar Defense Endorsement for CPL Coverage

July 3, 2012

ACE USA has released ACE first dollar defense endorsement for contractors pollution liability (CPL) coverage. This new offering provides financial support for contractors facing litigation and defense costs for pollution incidents that occur during work they perform at a job site.

ACE first dollar defense endorsement pays for legal representation from the first dollar billed. This removes the financial burden contractors and consultants face when paying self-insured retentions under their CPL policies, and it provides support for the ongoing successful operations of their companies.

“Litigation costs can be exorbitant,” said Gerry Rojewski, vice president and national product line manager, ACE Environmental Risk. “In the current economy, our construction and consulting clients face declining revenues while having greater difficulty winning bids for new projects. Due to the resulting decrease in revenues, many clients don’t have the luxury of funding the extra costs associated with lawsuits or other matters that require the retention of counsel to solve pollution-related exposures. When a client has to pay a substantial amount of money on defense-related items, it can be detrimental to their balance sheet and to the operation of their business.”

Key benefits of ACE’s first dollar defense endorsement include:

  • Immediate financial support to provide legal representation for policyholders with a self-insured retention of $50,000, or less
  • Immediate access to ACE Environmental Risk’s resources, including claim specialists and environmental and construction counsel
  • Coverage available for work performed on behalf of the named insured, as well as for owned or leased locations
  • No exclusions for construction defects or water intrusion
  • Property damage definition includes natural resource damages

Insurance is provided ACE American Insurance Co. Philadelphia, Pa., and, in some jurisdictions, other insurers within the ACE Group. Product descriptions are summaries only. The actual policy issued governs the rights and obligations of the parties. Not all products are available in all states.

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