Top Insurance CSRs by State for 2013

June 4, 2013

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research has announced the winners of this year’s National Outstanding Customer Service Representative (CSR) of the Year.

Candidates for this award are all insurance customer service representatives, or have primary responsibility for insurance customer service duties.

To qualify for the top honor in their state, the 2013 candidates submitted an essay on the following topic: “Communication is one of the most important parts of building strong relationships with your clients, companies, and coworkers. Identify and explain the four greatest barriers to effective communication that you face (or have faced) and how you’ve worked to overcome these barriers.”

Entrants also must have demonstrated commendable service to their agencies, their industry, and their community.

Each state winner receives a framed certificate and is eligible to compete for the national honor, which carries a $2,000 cash award, a gold and diamond pin, $1,000 cash award for the nominator, and a scholarship for the recipient’s employer to any program offered by The National Alliance. Additionally, the name of the Outstanding CSR of the Year is inscribed on a sculpture permanently displayed at the national headquarters of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research in Austin, Texas.

Outstanding Customer Service Representatives of the Year for 2013:

  • Alabama Stephanie T. Craycraft, CISR, CPIA, Anchor Insurance Agency
  • Alaska Chayla N. Deitz, CISR, Alaska USA Insurance Brokers
  • Arizona Sharon D. Bowman, CIC, Brown and Brown Insurance of Arizona
  • Arkansas Pamela A. Culwell, BancorpSouth Insurance Services, Inc.
  • California Stephanie R. Calhoun, CIC, CISR ,Teague Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Colorado Melissa M. Jones, CIC, CISR, CPIW, AIP, Colorado BW Insurance Agency
  • Connecticut Jessica L. Bloking, CIC ,Wentworth DeAngelis, Inc.
  • Delaware Tracey A. Reed, CIC, CISR, Bramall & Hitchen
  • Florida Ivon Deaton, CIC, Gallo Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Georgia Sheila R. Brock, CIC ,The Whitlock Group, Inc.
  • Hawaii Christine M. Gumbs, The Royal State Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Idaho Terri Azzola, CIC ,Mutual Insurance Associates, Inc.
  • Illinois Teresa R. Fleming, CISR, Leffelman and Associates
  • Indiana Kristi R. Wood, CISR, Cardinal Insurance Service, Inc.
  • Iowa Nicole L. Keck, CISR, AW Welt Ambrisco Insurance, Inc.
  • Kansas Debra K. Butcher, CISR, MRH Insurance Group, Inc.
  • Kentucky Kathryn L. Clements, CIC, Eugene Wilson & Company
  • Louisiana Stacey G. Booth, CIC,, CISR, AINS, AIS Eustis Insurance & Benefits, Inc.
  • Maine Michael A. Lemay, CIC, CISR, AINS, AIS, API, Cross Insurance
  • Maryland Esther M. Hurchalla, CISR, AAI, AINS, Avery W. Hall Insurance, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Diane E. Wilson, CIC ,The Gaudreau Group
  • Michigan Julie McNeal, CPIA, General Agency Company
  • Minnesota Joann M. Mueller Dolliff, Inc.
  • Mississippi Annie L. Roberts, CISR, Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance, Inc.
  • Missouri Stacey C. Briggs, CISR, Dan Yoest Insurance
  • Montana Sherry M. Hill, CISR, Hobson Insurance
  • Nebraska Dianne L. Miller, CIC, Western Insurors
  • Nevada Gayle E. Stackhouse, CISR, ACSR, Aniello Insurance Agency
  • New Hampshire Sandra C. LaCroix, ACSR, USI Insurance Services, LLC
  • New Jersey Stephanie Brown, CISR, SCLA, GR Murray Insurance
  • New Mexico Samantha Sanchez, CISR, J. S. Ward & Son, Inc.
  • New York Janice Tomaselli, AAI, Tompkins Ins Agencies, Inc.
  • North Carolina Heather O. Basdekis, CISR, Darden Miranda & Associates
  • North Dakota Joni R. Alfson, CIC, CPCU, Dawson Insurance
  • Ohio Chelsea A. Sliwinski, CISR, The Evarts Tremaine Flicker Company
  • Oklahoma Natalie J. Garrett, CISR, CPIW, AINS, Messer-Bowers Company
  • Oregon Tamara S. Doryland, AINS, API, CIIP, DAE, Hagan Hamilton
  • Pennsylvania Enid J. Holcomb, CISR, Bush Agencies, Inc.
  • Puerto Rico Karen M. VillafaƱe Rodriguez, CISR, Hub International/CLC Insurance Services
  • South Carolina Kadi M. Quinn, CISR, McKay Insurance, Inc.
  • South Dakota Alicia I. Carlson, CISR, AIS, AU, Howalt-McDowell Insurance
  • Tennessee Beth M. Mittlesteadt, CIC, CISR, BB&T Legge Insurance
  • Texas Sonya J. Edwards, CIC, ACSR, Bryan Insurance Agency
  • Utah Jennifer M. Lude, CISR, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Virginia Freida J. Cooper, CISR, CPIA, USI Insurance Services, LLC
  • Virgin Islands Jessica P. Grell, CISR, Theodore Tunick & Company
  • Washington James D. Ledbetter, CISR, Michael J. Hall & Company
  • West Virginia Stacey L. Battaglini, CIC, ACSR, CPIW, Arndt McBee Insurance Agency
  • Wisconsin Lindsey R. Hamielec, CIC, CISR, M3 Insurance

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