12 Insurance Talks to Hear Before the Ball Drops

December 31, 2015

As a property/casualty insurance professional, you had a lot on your plate in 2015. You didn’t get to watch, listen to or read everything you wanted. From the 2015 Wells Media archives, here are some talks you may have missed. This is a chance to catch up. Gain some new talking points for all of those New Year’s Eve party conversations that inevitably turn to insurance. Use them to liven up half-time during your favorite bowl game. Listen as you resolve to stay better informed in 2016. These excerpts — and others with these and other professionals — are available on insurancejournal.tv. Happy New Year!

1. Christopher Swift, CEO, The Hartford

Hartford’s Risk Appetite Expanding: CEO Swift

A historically narrow risk appetite meant The Hartford “left opportunities on the table” in past years. That’s changing, says Swift.

Defining Moments of a Turnaround: Hartford’s CEO

Swift isolates some of the defining moments of the insurer’s turnaround and when Swift and former CEO Liam McGee knew that past troubles were behind them.

2. David Bresnahan, executive vice president, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Group

Lesson Learned from a Startup

Bresnahan discusses the lessons he’s learned throughout the launch of a new company.

Combatting the Talent Gap

Bresnahan talks about the talent gap.

Technology and the Depersonalization of Relationships

Bresnahan discusses how technology is changing the world of underwriting.

3. Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd’s of London

Inga Beale on Leadership in the Insurance Industry

The traits of a successful insurance leader are not the same as they were when Beale started her career three decades ago. Here she talks about what characteristics are important for leaders today.

The World Beyond London: Inga Beale Discusses Lloyd’s Challenges

Why entering new markets is high on the list of priorities for Lloyd’s.

Inga Beale Discusses Unconscious Biases

How unconscious biases play a role in preventing industry leadership teams from becoming more diverse and how to overcome them.

4. Kevin Brandt, director of operations and branding, Trusted Choice

How Google Changed Marketing Forever

When and how Google turned the focus from brand-centric marketing to customer-centric content marketing.

How Customers Came to Control the Buying Process

Sellers no longer control the buying process, customer do.

5. Bill Harnett, chief of Innovation, ACORD

ACORD, with Hartnett, Gets Serious About Innovation

As the first chief of innovation at ACORD, Hartnett is reminding people that the “R” and “D” in the organization’s name stand for research and development. Hartnett, formerly an executive with Microsoft, talks about innovation culture, the power of failure and the next wave of technology. The conversation starts with Hartnett noting that change is happening very fast and the insurance industry is now taking innovation seriously.

6. Meyer Shields, managing director, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

Examining ACE-Chubb Transaction

ACE’s acquisition of The Chubb Corp. for $28.3 billion has everyone talking. Shields discusses what the deal means for the companies involved and how it could impact the marketplace.

7. Hank Haldeman, executive vice president, The Sullivan Group

The Hank Haldeman Interview 1: Life in the Shadow of White House

This is a five‑part interview with insurance executive Hank Haldeman, who is the son of the late H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, a central figure in the Nixon administration and the Watergate scandal. Haldeman talks about the Watergate years, shares his own conclusions about Watergate and those responsible, characterizes the relationship between his father and President Nixon, reveals what it has been like bearing the name Haldeman in the insurance business and life, and more.

8. Graem Newman, director, CFC Underwriting

Cyber’s Teenage Years: All About Growth, Assessing Risk

Newman discusses the state of the cyber market and how both underwriters and insureds are responding to its evolution.

Prevention or Protection

Cyber risk is real and companies must grapple with the best way to address the threat. Business’s must turn to insurance and technology, but where should they focus their investment?

9. Kevin McCarty, Florida insurance commissioner

Florida Cmsr. Kevin McCarty Talks Florida’s Accomplishments, Controversies

McCarty, like the state he serves, is a survivor. In this five-part interview, McCarty talks about how he approaches his position after all these years, the current Florida insurance market and the strength of Florida’s insurers, why he is fighting what he calls “unfairly discriminatory” flood insurance rates for Florida residents and Florida’s personal injury protection fraud problem.

10. Michael Mosher, senior vice president, A.M. Best Co.

A.M. Best’s Matthew Mosher On The “Haves and “Have-Nots”

Mosher is concerned about “the haves and the have-nots” in the commercial lines space. Larger carriers are doing very well while smaller, regional carriers are still trying to figure out where they fit.

11. Ben Walter, CEO, Hiscox USA

Why Now Is Time to Privatize Flood Insurance

Walter explains why he thinks this is a good time to privatize flood insurance and urges policymakers to take a fresh look, learn from earthquake and terrorism experiences, and make the tough political choices.

12. Myron Fuller Steves, founder, Myron Steves Agency, oldest living CPCU

Myron’s Last Message

Myron Fuller Steves succeeded through his work ethic and a willingness to take risks. He instilled these principles in his company. Just before he passed away at 103 years old in 2015, Steves left behind one final message. Also, listen to a podcast with Steves from 2012.

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