Metromile: New App Resolves Some Claims in an Hour

December 15, 2016

Pay-per-mile auto insurer Metromile has announced a new automated claims service that allows customers to file a claim entirely from their mobile phone or online dashboard.

The insurer says some claims can be resolved within an hour.

Customers can also check the status of their claim, schedule glass-only repairs, and request roadside assistance using their mobile phone.

Metromile says it new service has several “breakthrough features” including a unique claims algorithm that serves each customer with a “streamlined and tailored experience related specifically to their situation.”

“At Metromile, we are on a mission to take the hassle out of car ownership, especially in the event that customers are in an accident,” said Luke Harris, director of Claims at Metromile, in the announcement. “We are leveraging telematics and machine learning to develop proprietary claims algorithms to make the claims experience faster and more seamless. We’ll do whatever it takes to get our customers back on the road as soon as possible.”

Customers needing to file a claim can go to the Metromile website, dashboard or app to get started. If they want additional support, they will have a dedicated claims representative.

Metromile is licensed nationwide but currently it is only underwriting policies in seven states: New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Virginia and Washington.

In September, Metromile acquired Mosaic Insurance Co. for $22 million to become Metromile Insurance Co. and underwrite its own policies and process its own claims.

That deal was made possible by $191.5 million from billionaire Mark Cuban and other investors.

The company is headed by Sean Griswold and Luke Harris, both formerly with Progressive.

The company said it has recently expanded its team. Recent hires include Sam Massey who left The Hartford to join Metromile as major case lead in the Special Investigations Unit and John Clausen, previously counsel at State Farm, who joined as the senior claims attorney.

Metromile charges for insurance based on mileage, claiming to save low mileage drivers $500 on average each year. Metromile typically charges a flat fee of $35 a month and then $0.05 per mile, although those fees vary based on location, years driving and other factors.

When subscribers sign up for the service they get a hardware dongle that plugs into their car’s diagnostic port. Through the dongle, Metromile tracks how many miles the subscriber drives and, if the subscriber chooses, delivers other information, like maintenance and where the vehicle is parked.

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