Worldwide Facilities, Petro Guardian to Offer Lightning Risk Product to Oil & Gas Industry

October 2, 2018

National wholesale insurance brokerage and managing general agent Worldwide Facilities has partnered with Petro Guardian, a lightning and static protection installation service provider for oil and gas facilities, to introduce Enlightning – an exclusive program to reduce the risk of damage from lightning strikes at oil and gas facilities, as well as the cost of insurance and claims mitigation.

Enlightning is a bundled product that offers a lightning and static protection system through Petro Guardian, along with a physical damage insurance program through Worldwide Facilities. The program is designed to encourage insureds to invest in protection against lightning and static ignition in order to receive preferential underwriting of the insurance policy.

The transition from vertical to horizontal wells has enabled a physically larger footprint for production and saltwater disposal locations allowing for a higher productivity. In addition, many facilities have transitioned from steel to non-corrosive fiberglass tanks that are not electrically conductive.

These technology changes have increased the risk of igniting fire from lightning & static discharges and measurably raise the risk of personal injury & damaging process control systems.

“A combined lightning and static protection system is one of the most cost-effective steps operators can take to mitigate risk,” says Harshul Gupta, vice president of Technology at Petro Guardian. “The economic value of reducing personnel injuries, environmental spill and production down-time is difficult to debate.”

Worldwide Facilities is a national wholesale insurance broker and managing general agent that has been in business since 1970 focusing on a range of specialty lines.

Petro Guardian offers turnkey lightning and static protection installation with system inspection, repair and maintenance services to oil and gas producers.

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