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New York Petroleum Carrier Pays $375K for Seaman’s Protection Act Violation

Apr 21 2021 // A Long Island, New York-based petroleum barge company and three former and current management officials have paid $375,000 in restitution to the brother of one of two seamen killed in a barge explosion off the coast of...

‘Insure Our Future’ Pressures Lloyd’s to ‘Immediately Stop’ Insuring Fossil Fuel Projects

Apr 15 2021 // Insure our Future, the anti-fossil-fuel campaign group, is pressuring Lloyd’s to immediately stop insuring coal and new oil and gas projects that exacerbate climate change. The group has launched a website, which is...

7 European Countries Commit to Halt Export Finance for Fossil Fuel Projects

Apr 14 2021 // Seven European countries, including Germany, France and Britain, will commit on Wednesday to stop public export guarantees for fossil fuel projects, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday. Coal, oil and gas...

Louisiana Treasurer Says $700K from 2010 BP Oil Spill Settlement Unclaimed

Apr 5 2021 // Louisiana’s treasurer says the state is holding more than $700,000 that has so far gone unclaimed by people and businesses affected by the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s the worth of class...

New York City Loses Appeal Seeking to Hold Oil Firms Liable for Global Warming Effects

Apr 1 2021 // A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected New York City’s effort to hold five major oil companies liable to help pay the costs of addressing harm caused by global warming. Ruling in favor of BP Plc, Chevron Corp.,...

More than 10K Jobs Lost in North Dakota’s Oil Patch Last Year

Mar 16 2021 // The coronavirus pandemic has had a significantly negative impact on North Dakota’s oil and gas industry, resulting in the shedding of thousands of jobs last year. The oil industry’s recovery has been slow. Job...

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