Insurance Technology: InsuredMine Integrates With HawkSoft; Betterview Adds RedZone’s Wildfire Data; CyberCube to Create Cyber Tool for Majesco

May 4, 2022

InsuredMine and HawkSoft Integrate Agency Sales and Management

Insurance agency sales automation software firm InsuredMine and agency management technology firm HawkSoft have released two-way API integration between their platforms. Agencies that use InsuredMine’s customer relationship management platform in conjunction with HawkSoft’s agency management system now have the ability to enter data in one system and instantly view the updates in the other.

InsuredMine said this new two-way API integration allows its system to automatically document activities from its CRM in HawkSoft. Data from HawkSoft (including client phone, email, and date-of-birth) and policy information (coverages, vehicles and drivers, and property details) is automatically pushed into InsuredMine’s CRM for enhanced customer management and engagement. All notes, files, and tasks/activities will update the appropriate client in HawkSoft when a workflow is engaged by InsuredMine. InsuredMine said it processes this sync every five minutes – ensuring both systems remain in step with each other.

Betterview Adds RedZone Wildfire Data

Property risk data firm Betterview and wildfire data and modeling firm RedZone have partnered to add RedZone to Betterview’s third-party data marketplace, PartnerHub.

RedZone said its analytical mapping platform can be used to analyze not only wildfires, but also other severe weather events such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Betterview said RedZone’s data will bring increased accuracy to insurers’ ability to assess wildfire damage and damage potential.

“Climate change is beginning to affect individually and businesses globally, and it’s no secret that insurers need a better way to determine the extent of wildfire risk and vulnerability, especially in today’s uncertain disaster landscape,” said David Tobias, Betterview co-founder and chief operations officer.

When RedZone data is combined with Betterview’s building-level insights, including a recently announced defensible space feature, insurers can take the immediate steps necessary to predict and prevent future damage, he added.

Betterview’s PartnerHub also includes e2value, Canopy Weather, HazardHub, giving customers access to third-party property data for automating workflows and viewing detailed information about specific properties.

CyberCube to Create App Being for Majesco

A new partnership seeks to integrate cyber analytics from CyberCube and Majesco’s Policy for P&C system in order to automate cyber risk assessments to support the growing demand for cyber (re)insurance in the market.

CyberCube will be creating a marketplace application that will be available in the Majesco EcoExchange to be used with Majesco’s Policy for P&C.

The expanded data, signals and models from CyberCube can be used during the risk modeling, rating, and underwriting process for cyber insurance. It can also be utilized for cyber risks bundled with other offerings such as business owner’s policies.

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