Republic Group Sells Republic Home Protectors, Southern Vanguard Insurance

January 10, 2014

Regional insurance holding company, Texas-based Republic Group, announced it has sold of all of the outstanding shares of common stock of Republic Home Protectors Inc. (RHP) and Southern Vanguard Insurance Co. (SVIC) to the holding company of RHP InsVest LLC, d/b/a RHP Management LLC.

RHP and SVIC were both subsidiaries of Republic. The sale included the business produced through RHP and written by SVIC (the RHP business), but excluded all other business written by SVIC.

The RHP business will continue to be managed by Terry Cotter, president of RHP, and the company’s headquarters will remain in Houston, Texas.

Republic Companies Inc. through a group of insurance companies and related entities provides personal and commercial property and casualty insurance products.

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