Houston Seeks to Expedite Funding for Flood-Control Measures

January 26, 2017

Officials intend to introduce an innovative plan to speed up funding for flood-control measures along Houston bayous.

The Houston Chronicle reports the city council is considering a payment plan that would have the state give the city a $46 million loan.

That amount would then be forwarded to the Harris County Flood Control District to expedite work along Brays Bayou. Federal authorities would then reimburse the county once the work is done.

I-45 and North Main in Houston Tuesday, May 26, 2015. (Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP)

City officials would then repeat the funding process for two other bayous, ultimately forwarding the county about $130 million.

Officials say the action is necessary because of slow federal reimbursements that have delayed flood-control efforts.

Those efforts include widening parts of Brays Bayou, allowing it to absorb more storm water runoff.

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