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AAA: Rear-End Collisions / Fender Benders Top Texas 2021 Auto Insurance Claims

December 10, 2021

An American Automobile Association report revealing the top auto insurance claims among Texas members in 2021 shows that rear-end collisions and fender benders accounted for 18% of all claims this year.

A rear-end collision or fender bender costs drivers more than $13,000 in damage on average.

Collisions caused by backing up were the second most common, resulting in 10% of all claims. The average cost for such a collision was more than $3,400. AAA’s report said that many of these incidents occur in parking lots or driveways and that drivers should be especially cautious when backing out of a driveway or navigating parking lots during the holidays.

Hail damage caused 9% of all claims, with an average cost of more than $5,700.

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