Florida Packing Plant Workers Face Workers’ Compensation Fraud Charges

August 12, 2014

Workers from a Naples, Fla. vegetable and fruit packing plant were headed back to court to face charges related to alleged workers’ compensation fraud.

The case stems from the raid of a packing plant where more than 100 workers were detained, most of them presumed to be in the country illegally. The workers were expected to enter pleas Monday.

Immigrant advocates have been critical of the raid by the state’s Division of Insurance Fraud. They say the state should focus on employers, when it comes to the unauthorized hiring of immigrants.

Authorities said many of the workers at the plant may have been using fake or stolen Social Security numbers.

Using a fake ID to gain employment or to submit a benefit claim is a third-degree felony, under Florida law.

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  • August 13, 2014 at 8:57 am
    Tweety Bird says:
    Really well maybe they should go to the local FLORIDA RaceTrack where about 70% of the workers are all illegal immigrants using dead peoples social security numbers and stolen... read more
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