Oregon Publishes Annual Insurance Complaint Statistics

June 24, 2008

Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services Insurance Division has published the 2007 Annual Complaint Statistics, ranking major insurers based on their complaint records in six common lines of insurance: personal auto, health, homeowner, life, annuities, and long-term care.

This report ranks major insurers by their complaint records, which are based on the number of confirmed consumer complaints closed by the Insurance Division and the amount of premium dollars written by the insurers. According to DCBS, the report allows consumers to see at a glance how a company compares with its competitors; the information should help consumer to make sound insurance decisions.

During 2007, the Oregon Insurance Division closed 2,934 complaints in six common lines of insurance. The insurers listed in the report accounted for 2,275 complaints or 78 percent of all complaints in the six lines. In 2007, most complaints involved disputes about claims processing and benefits, DCBS indicated. Other complaints involved problems with the sale and servicing of insurance policies, such as cancellations, nonrenewals, and rate increases. The Insurance Division’s Consumer Advocacy Unit helped recover $1.78 million in claims for consumers who contacted the office in 2007.

Of personal auto insurance companies, Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon received the most complaints in 2007, with 211 complaints of 187 confirmed. Northwestern Pacific Indemnity Co. and Oregon Automobile Insurance Co. tied for receiving zero complaints last year, the statistics indicate.

Of homeowners insurance companies, several companies — California Casualty General Insurance Company of Oregon, North Pacific Insurance Co., Northwestern Pacific Indemnity Co., Oregon Automobiles Insurance Co. and Western Protectors Insurance Co. — received zero complaints. Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon received the most complaints with 36 confirmed complaints.State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. received the second-highest number of complaints with 31 comfirmed complaints, followed by Allstate Insurance Co., which had 16 confirmed complaints.

To view the statistics, visit http://insurance.oregon.gov/publications/consumer/annual_complaintreports/2007/complaint_statistics-2007.html.

Source: DCBS

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