Institutional Officer Nabbed In $60,000 in California Workers’ Comp Fraud Case

October 1, 2014

James Levice Davis Junious, 33, was arrested for allegedly collecting more than $60,000 in workers’ compensation benefits he was not entitled to receive. Junious was charged with five felony counts including insurance fraud and grand theft.

In November 2012, Junious allegedly injured his elbow while performing his duties as a juvenile institutional officer and was granted temporary disability, which he reportedly continued to collect until his arrest.

In addition to his employment as an institutional officer, Junious owns and operates a landscaping business, College Students Lawn Service. Junious told his doctor and claims adjuster that he was not working or collecting any source of income from his business, but evidence showed that Junious was back to landscaping in April 2013 while collecting workers’ comp benefits, according to an investigation.

FraudCalifornia Department of Insurance investigators say they found evidence that showed Junious lifting 60 pounds of stones, building a wall, laying sod, lifting and working with concrete blocks and numerous other tasks Junious claimed he could not perform.

The total loss in this case amounted to more than $71,000 for collection of benefits and investigation costs. Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department made the arrest Monday. The case will be prosecuted by the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s office.

“Workers’ compensation fraud is a multi-billion dollar drain on our economy,” Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement. “In California, it costs insurers hundreds of millions of dollars every year in losses, which are then passed along to employers through higher premiums and ultimately to consumers through higher costs for goods and services.”

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