Best Agency in West: MOC, Where Employee Opinions Matter

By | November 4, 2015


MOC Insurance Services

Best Agency to Work for – West
A Team Environment Where Thoughts And Creativity Count

Sometimes being a great place to work isn’t about offering the best salaries, the most time off or the greatest flexibility – although those are still very important.

It seems many employees nowadays like to feel like they’re contributing to a team effort and working in an environment where their thoughts and creativity count.

That’s what a number of employees at MOC Insurance Services in San Francisco, Calif. had to say about their firm

And that’s why MOC is the Gold Winner for Insurance Journal’s Best Agency in the West award.

“If you want to work somewhere where your opinion matters, this is the place to be,” wrote one employee in an anonymous survey conducted by Insurance Journal to help judge the award.

MOC President Van Maroevich
MOC President Van Maroevich

The employee also described “remote work options,” and an “open concept office including free drinks and snacks.”

“MOC offers good benefits and cares about their staff. The owner is in the office and never hesitates to say ‘Thank you’ for a job well done,” the employee wrote. “You will be recognized for your accomplishments and be part of team that cares about you as a person.”

MOC rated high in the Insurance Journal survey, garnering an overall “excellent” rating from nearly three-fourths of those who took the survey. An overwhelming majority of employees rated the firm “excellent” in the categories of flex time, education, vacation, insurance knowledge and overall management skills.

One employee offered a list of reasons why MOC is a great place to work, including “the most generous, understanding, flexible, approachable.”

The firm is willing to make changes, managers value employees’ input and they encourage employees to continue their insurance education and obtain professional designations, according to the employee.

Another employee described a healthy environment at MOC:

“Last year our building opened up two very small workout rooms – separately for men and women – for a small annual fee. MOC immediately made it available to all employees who were interested. It has been great to be able to work out at lunch or after work without having to even leave the building. I’ve never seen anyone but MOC employees using it; it’s like having our own private gym.”

Appreciating employees has been the key to making them happy, according to MOC President Van Maroevich, who joined the firm in 1973 after graduating from the University of California Berkeley. MOC began as a family business started in 1969 by his father and mother, Ivan and Gladys Maroevich.

“Our office is an ideal place to work because we respect and appreciate each and every staff member regardless of their position,” Maroevich said. “We try to accommodate their needs in and out of work.”

It also seems the firm has maintained a good balance when it comes to managing employees.

“I enjoy coming to work due to the fact that management is supportive and knowledgeable,” wrote one employee. “There is no micromanaging, but at the same time you will always be challenged to perform your best. Management understands the balance between work and family which I value the most.”

The frim reports annual premiums exceeding $100 million. MOC’s risk and claims management experts specialize in benefits, real estate, entertainment, agriculture and viticulture, marine, aviation, commercial, personal insurance and life-sciences and technology sectors.

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