Insurance Industry Polls

What type of insuring cannabis news most interests you?

Most policy experts give the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act little chance of getting through the Senate. What do you think?

A glut is pushing down wholesale prices of some cannabis products in established markets. Will this affect insuring cannabis?

What is your experience selling D&O to small- to mid-sized cannabis companies?

Is your agency on track for organic revenue growth in 2022? About how much?

Cannabis weathered the pandemic quite well, but how will the industry withstand what appears to be rough economic waves ahead?

States like Oregon have banned sales of synthetic cannabis, which includes products like containing lab-grown cannabinoids like Delta-8. What do you think

How is inflation hitting your insuring cannabis business hardest?

Cannabis lounges are____

SAFE Banking may have new life in the Senate. What are its odds?

26. What kind of cannabis data would you like most to know about?

You’re an insurance professional in the cannabis industry, but are you also a consumer?

Do you believe U.S., European and other insurance firms should divest from Russia because of its attack on Ukraine?

Do you use the word “marijuana” or “cannabis?” when talking to customers.

How’s your first quarter in cannabis insurance going?

What’s on your insuring cannabis wish list for the holidays?

What is your organization's current policy regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for employees at work?

San Francisco is suspending its cannabis tax to combat illicit sales. Will this work?

U.S. Rep. Mace's States Reform Act would remove cannabis as a controlled substance. Is this the bill that finally does it?

What insuring cannabis topics would you most like to learn about?