Insurance Industry Polls

Nevada lawmakers recently approved cannabis lounges. How big an opportunity are cannabis lounges for the insurance industry in legal states?

The future of cannabis products are?

What’s the best part about your role in insuring cannabis businesses?

Where are you working these days- at office, home, both or not at all?

What risk scares you most for your cannabis clients?

What’s the biggest impediment to growing your cannabis business?

What is your feeling about getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Who are most of your cannabis customers?

How optimistic are you about growing your cannabis book of business in the next six months?

Do you think people who believe their workplace is unsafe should get unemployment insurance?

What percentage of your book of business is cannabis?

What’s the top reason you consume insuring cannabis news?

Do you think business owners should be shielded from lawsuits over their COVID-19 safety practices, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional harm?

Most difficult line of insurance for cannabis businesses in terms of price and availability?

Should employers mandate that employees be vaccinated?

Do you think the pending merger of Aon and Willis Towers Watson is good for the industry and insureds?

What is your current situation with regard to work from home or office?

Has the coronavirus crisis changed your view of your job?

Do you think it is safe for businesses in your community to reopen or is it too soon?

Approximately what percentage of your firm’s workforce is primarily working from home instead of in an office?