Insurance Industry Polls

How should ridesharing drivers like those who drive for Uber and Lyft be classified?

Which of these value-add services do you think your "emerging affluent" personal lines customers (e.g. Coverage A $800K-$2M) would find most beneficial?

Which coverage do you find most important and necessary for your "emerging affluent" (e.g. Coverage A $800k - $2 mil) personal lines customers?

If you were voting today in a Republican primary, which presidential candidate would you vote for?

How do you use Mobile Capabilities in property insurance processing?

Looking ahead to 2016, how are you feeling about your business?

Which of the following do you think was the most important P/C insurance story of 2015?

Which emerging technology do you think poses the biggest risk?

What technology will have the biggest impact on the success of your agency over the next five years?

Which of these P/C insurance industry segments do you think is the most innovative?

How is your business doing as the fourth quarter approaches?