Insurance Industry Polls

Which of the following types of marketing or advertising does your firm do?

Do you think buying cyber insurance subtracts from the efforts to deal with the underlying crime? Share your thoughts:

Do you think businesses should be able to opt-out of mandatory workers' compensation?

Over the next 12 months, what role in your agency is the #1 area of focus when it comes to developing talent?

Approximately what percentage of your small business policyholders are buying cyber coverage?

Regarding Uber and other ridesharing firms, indicate which of the following statements you agree with. You can select more than one.

OK insurance pros, how many of the following will happen in the 2015 Super Bowl?

Which of the following has been the most important to you in your insurance career advancement?

Which of the following do you think was the most important P/C insurance story of 2014?

Which of the following do you think is the most important P/C insurance story of 2014?

What do you think will be the outcome of Hank Greenberg's suit against the government over the AIG bailout?

Which of the following statement(s) do you AGREE with?

If you were in Congress, how would you vote on these programs?

What effect(s) do you think driverless cars will have on driving and insurance?

As to the market cycle, do you prefer:

What should be the insurance industry's response(s) to ridesharing services?

Have you ever run into a similar disagreement over meaning of product recalls?

What percentage of your firm's workforce takes vacation during July or August?

Do you expect to be working over the July 4th weekend due to Hurricane Arthur?

Will/did your office close or slow down to watch U.S. v. Belgium in the World Cup?