Insurance Industry Polls

Which most closely describes your firm's current work situation?

Which do you find spookiest about the insuring cannabis business?

What is your insuring cannabis status?

Do you think the SAFE Banking Act should be included in the National Defense Authorization Act?

Amazon is dealing with a potential shortage of delivery drivers by having its partners advertise they don’t screen applicants for marijuana use. What do you thi

What is your firm doing about in-person conference attendance now?

Do you agree that property insurers (commercial and home) should include flood as a covered cause of loss in policies?

Cannabis lounges (on-site consumption) may be a reemerging trend in the space once the pandemic winds down. Will capturing such business be of interest?

The top risk management concern for my cannabis clients is:

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What hot cannabis stocks have your interest piqued?

A new federal cannabis legalization effort is underway. What do you make out its odds to be?

Are you worried about the state of the cyber insurance marketplace given the recent escalation in ransomware incidents?

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Recent ransomware attacks are fueling a debate over whether insurers should provide ransom reimbursement coverage within cyber policies. What do you think?

Drought and wildfires threatening the Western U.S., what are your biggest concerns for cannabis?

Will your firm close for the federal Juneteenth holiday?

What’s the hardest thing to explain to your cannabis clients?

Nevada lawmakers recently approved cannabis lounges. How big an opportunity are cannabis lounges for the insurance industry in legal states?

The future of cannabis products are?