XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. leverages the Internet to instantly link insurance agencies with collaboration partners

Sponsored Content September 30, 2004

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure™, a hosted insurance agency management solution, announced today the introduction of Nexsure Instant Collaborator (NIC), a revolutionary means of accelerating and tracking the completion of collaborative tasks.

In day to day agency operations, there are hundreds if not thousands of interactions with clients, carriers, tax authorities, and other third parties to complete or advance business. Instant collaboration – the ability to complete work between two or more people on-demand (now) and to expedite processes, allows agencies to operate at peak efficiencies with more accurate information, and deliver a better client and partner experience.

“In its most basic form, NIC operates by simply extending to the person or persons involved, highly secured access to the specific area within Nexsure for direct input or update of the required information,” states Bob Juracka, President of XDimensional Technologies. “Because Nexsure is web-based, authenticated parties anywhere with Internet access can participate in the transaction. This eliminates frustrating, error prone and time consuming tasks of tracking down and transcribing information. All this is possible today, because of our underlying robust and highly evolved security model.”

“There are enormous savings opportunities when tackling repetitive and labor intensive tasks through NIC,” notes Juracka. “Take for example certificate renewal, which is a very common agency service scenario. Someone at the insured account is the party that knows which of the multiple holders requires an updated certificate. With NIC, a link providing one-click access to that holder list is sent to that person. It’s then updated in real-time and accurately, without agency intervention. Task complete. Like all system activities in Nexsure, it is recorded in the transaction log.”

Steve Anderson from The Automated Agency Report (TAAR) states, “Nexsure Instant Collaboration is a new and very interesting function that has wide-ranging implications for including others within agency workflows. This could be used with underwriters, MGA’s, a finance company, or any third party you currently interact with. This process can entirely change how agents interact with clients. When you think about who your customers are becoming or are already, NIC puts a whole new face on collaboration. With the pervasiveness and adoption of instant and text messaging of the younger generation, expectations are already cast and set high. Nexsure NIC is impressive in that it not only addresses instant communications, but also a diversity of new workflows.

About XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

XDimensional® Technologies, Inc. (www.xdimensional.com) based in Brea, CA., develops and markets Nexsure™, a hosted insurance agency management solution that connects agents, carriers, brokers, and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure offers robust contact management, sales force automation, advanced work flow, standard (property and casualty, life and health, benefits) and custom lines of business, policy life cycle management, CRM, and multi-office accounting and reporting. Nexsure is a scalable, web-based, Microsoft .NET application with built in web services, data processing, and transactional capabilities. Nexsure provides unmatched ease of use, scalability, and information availability to help insurance agencies achieve their business goals. XDimensional Corporate Headquarters are located at 145 S. State College Blvd, Suite 160, Brea, CA. 92821, tel: 714-672-8960, fax: 714-672-8908

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