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If You’re Not Growing, You’re Shrinking

Dec 21 2020 // This familiar euphemism has so much truth embedded in it. Like most robust age-old truisms, humans – and in particular, people in charge – will continually argue they are growing when they are not and/or argue...

The Un-Strategy

Nov 16 2020 // I have been legitimately and constructively criticized for spending too much time in my seminars describing the issue at hand, building urgency to change and identifying what people are doing wrong. The advice I’ve...

How Many Screwdrivers Do You Need?

Oct 19 2020 // If you do not do much home or auto maintenance or build furniture, or in general, you just don’t do much with hand tools for any reason, then you probably only need two screwdrivers — a Phillips #2 and a...

Producer Heroes

Sep 21 2020 // I received a nice email from a reader asking me to write about how important it is to support good producers and how good producers should be heroes rather than grouping all producers as anti-heroes. He provided the...

Why the Shotgun Approach Is Nearing Obsoletion

Aug 24 2020 // On the one hand, the shotgun approach to selling insurance has an incredibly bright future with the automated quoting systems available to the public (see Policygenius’ Series D round of $100 million,

Are You Really Interested in Learning to Do Your Job Better?

Jul 20 2020 // One of my favorite books and movies is The Milagro Beanfield War. It takes place in the ’70s in a small, poverty stricken, dirt street northern New Mexico village. It’s close to a third world village, and into...

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