Where’s Waldo? Enticing Experienced Producers to Your Agency

By | November 5, 2018

Getting a picture of who that person is? I’ll never forget that interview experience.

In a time such as this, with so much pressure to perpetuate Baby Boomers, I bet you would have hired the 26-year-old me in a second.

Now that your profile is the 38-year-old me, your sales pitch is very different.

Here’s how experienced producers are enticed to change agencies.

A Breath of Fresh Air

  • Do you challenge the conventional norm of running an insurance agency?
  • Do you abhor the old, stodgy guard that your competitors represent?

Experienced producers are attracted to agencies building a different model, vision or concept. Emphasizing ways that you’re an “agency of the future” is most important when recruiting local talent. Brokers at competitors have preconceived notions about going to a shop across the street. You want them to be pleasantly surprised when they peek behind the curtain.

Plus One Factor

What does my career look like when I’m 50 years old? At my age, it’s far too early to think about post-retirement plans, yet I do think a lot about what my career looks like 10-15 years from now. I’ll still be in insurance recruiting but the day in, day out responsibilities cannot look the same. I’d go crazy. I am a person who needs to evolve.

Seasoned producers around my same age want more too – the Plus One Factor. Can your agency offer that? Many agencies cannot. They are flat with owners that work until they are 80 years old and die in their chair. I’m not interested in working for that type of firm and neither are the producers you desire.

Plus One Factor examples include: Ownership, Sales/Team Leadership, Division/Ops Leadership, Satellite Expansion and Executive Management.

Stability In An M&A World

A lot of producers ready to make a move say, “Enough is enough.” They are fed up with instability, uncertainty and lack of control that surrounds M&As. Here’s where your agency’s culture is a top selling point. Your leaders’ age and path to success mirror the producer. Your perpetuation plan is set and doesn’t stifle employee growth. Organic growth is still your top priority.

About Mary Newgard

Newgard is partner and senior search consultant for Capstone Search Group, a national recruiting firm dedicated to the insurance industry. For questions and comments, email: asktherecruiter@csgrecruiting.com. More from Mary Newgard

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