Penna. Auto Theft Prevention Authority Warns Holiday Shoppers

December 7, 2001

The Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority (PATPA) warned holiday shoppers that “December and January are peak activity periods for car thieves.” Common sense measures like parking in well-lit areas, locking your car doors and making sure to take your keys can help reduce the chances of theft.

While there’s been a significant reduction in auto thefts since the PATPA was established in 1994, an average of 93 vehicles are still stolen in Pennsylvania every day. The authority is funded uniquely by the auto insurance companies doing business in the state. There are 14 investigative units located in all of Pennsylvania’s major population centers.

The PATPA offered some additional advice as well, warning drivers not to leave a second set of keys in the car, not to leave the car running while unattended, not to leave the registration in the car, and not to leave any credit card or bank statements, as thieves can use the information to access bank accounts.

It also suggested that drivers use anti-theft devices, such as steering wheel bars, and make sure that auto alarms are engaged when they leave their cars.

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