MetLife Offers Cash, Bonds to Teen Drivers

January 22, 2001

MetLife Auto & Home announced that it is introducing the company’s “Teens on the Road to Safety” program to insureds in the states of Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, and Wisconsin. The purpose of the program is to establish good driving habits during teens’ first years on the road by offering cash incentives and savings bonds for simply developing safe driving techniques.

Two components of the “Teens on the Road to Safety” program provide these financial incentives. The first, “Drive Safe and Cash In,” offers teens a chance to earn $50 each year they drive with no accidents, claims, or violations. It also encourages them to drive safely, buckle up, and never drink and drive.

Another component, called “Sunday Drive,” offers teens the opportunity to earn a $100 US Savings Bond for logging 20 drives with a parent or guardian in the co-pilot seat. Teens insured by MetLife Auto & Home in these seven states can take advantage of the program as their auto policies renew. In addition to the “Drive Safe and Cash In” program, MetLife Auto & Home is encouraging safer driving habits and greater parental influence for all teens.

This is why the company is offering on a national basis, free of charge, a step-by-step guide called “Teaching Your Teens to Drive (Without Driving Each Other Crazy).” This popular 16-page booklet was reviewed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is available free to the public by calling 1-800-MET-LIFE.

With these recent additions, MetLife Auto & Home now offers the cash award and savings bond programs for teen drivers on its auto policies in Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Informational pieces to help parents of teens are available free to everyone countrywide.

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