IVANS Unveils Quick Start Remote Access Program

July 11, 2002

IVANS Inc. announced the launch of its Quick Start Remote Access Program.

The program is designed to provide insurance carriers the ability to give their employees access to corporate resources in a short amount of time, if their primary network fails or employees are forced to work from home.

IVANS Quick Start Remote Access Program provides companies with dial-up access to applications through either the Internet, IVANS secure network or VPN. IVANS has demonstrated experience in deploying remote access solutions for large user bases within a short time frame.

The program requires a company either be a preexisting member of IVANS or become an IVANS member using IVANS Networking services. IVANS members will then have instant access to 100 User IDs which are held in an IVANS account to be issued and activated within hours of notice. If an IVANS member requires additional User IDs exceeding 100, a Quick Start implementation plan can be developed to ensure quick activation when needed. Companies are not charged for these IDs until they start using them. The IDs may be deployed in the event of a primary network failure or main egress lines are knocked out, with employees having to work remotely to access applications. IVANS implementation team will work with members to deploy the IDs quickly and customize the access for the individual needs of each member.

IVANS is hosting meetings around the country to provide insurers the opportunity to learn more about networking solutions and applications for their businesses. IVANS 2002 Regional Meeting schedule includes meeting in Chicago, Ill. (July 16) Boston, Mass., (July 23) and Des Moines, Iowa (Aug. 8).

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