Zurich Launches Risk Management Tool for Technology Companies

March 25, 2010

Zurich has launched Zurich Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) HealthCheck Tool to help provide mid-size to large technology companies with a realistic check of their current ERM preparedness.

ERM can help to uncover and manage a company’s business challenges, including operations and procedures, management styles and business strategies, industry issues, emerging risks and more.

“Technology firms, by their nature, are particularly susceptible to a variety of emerging, ever-changing risks that can, if not anticipated and managed, jeopardize their profitability, or even their very existence,” said David Allred, technology practice leader for Zurich North America Commercial. “For example, many firms have complex global supply chains that are susceptible to a variety of interruptions. ERM can also look at things like labor relations or the ability to keep research and development efforts functioning in the event of a physical loss at their facilities.”

The Zurich ERM HealthCheck Tool also offers recommendations on how to improve current ERM preparedness.

ERM can help businesses:

  • Protect tangible and intangible assets;
  • Minimize total cost of risk and barriers to achieving business objectives;
  • Maintain creditworthiness;
  • Maximize strategic growth opportunities;
  • Provide management assurance to regulators and stakeholders, and
  • Limit damage to their reputation.

To take the free assessment, go to https://www.zurichnac.com/technology-ERM.

Source: Zurich North America

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