15 Most Popular Insurtech Stories

October 1, 2018

News about insurtechs happens almost every day. This week, innovation and insurtech will be on the minds of many as an estimated 6,000 insurance professionals and entrepreneurs meet in Las Vegas for the InsureTech Connect Conference. Before the news from this year’s conference makes headlines, here is an opportunity to catch up with what has already happened this year in the insurtech arena. Here are 15 of the most popular Insurance Journal insurtech articles thus far in 2018:

  1. Netflix vs. HBO and the Race to the Insurance Customer
  2. After Amazon Conquers Banking, Insurance Could be Next
  3. Lemonade Proposes Open Source Insurance Policy for All to Change, Adopt
  4. Telematics CEO: 5 Trends to Watch in 2018 in Auto Insurance
  5. J.D. Power: Why Lemonade’s Policy 2.0 Matters
  6. Beware ‘Tsunami’ Effect of Artificial Intelligence, Warns Allstate CEO Wilson
  7. Startup Root Raises $100 Million, Prepares to Go National
  8. Insurtech Next Ditching Agency Model to Become a Carrier
  9. Insurtechs Continue to Perform Miracles
  10. Industry Blockchain Initiative B3i Gets Ready to Go Live for January Renewals
  11. P/C Insurers Way Behind in Digital Customer Service: J.D. Power
  12. Hartford Insurtech Hub Gives 10 Startups Shots at Partnerships with Insurers
  13. Reinsurers, Insurtech Startups Increasingly Seek Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  14. Marsh Makes Blockchain Proof of Insurance Accessible Through Salesforce
  15. How Insurer Execs, Workers View Artificial Intelligence and Future Work

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