New Web Site Provides Information on Florida’s Property Insurance Issues

July 8, 2008

The Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center launched a
comprehensive Web site ( designed to serve as a one-stop shop for citizens, policy makers, the media and others seeking to learn about Florida’s property insurance issues, especially in relation to hurricanes.

“Florida has struggled to address homeowner insurance issues since Hurricane Andrew hit the state in 1992,” said Patrick Maroney, Kathryn Magee Kip Professor and director of the Florida Catastrophic
Storm Risk Management Center. “ serves as a clearinghouse for the information that’s available on the issues, including past and current efforts to find solutions to the problems of insurance affordability and availability.”

By clicking on the Our Insurance Landscape tab on the Web site’s homepage, visitors can learn what contributed to Florida’s current insurance situation. Users can also explore ways the situation is being addressed by clicking on Developing Solutions, which takes them to five sections: Understanding Insurance Pricing; Government Sponsored Insurance; Addressing Property Losses; Land Use Planning; and Predicting Future Losses.

From the homepage under ‘Consumer Quick Links,’ homeowners are able to quickly access resources that allow them to compare insurance rates, learn how to obtain reduced insurance premiums through home inspections, and request insurance quotes.

Source: The Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center

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  • July 11, 2008 at 9:50 am
    Agent L says:
    to bad they left out one very important factor that is contributing to the insurance problem in Florida and throughout the country - INSURANCE FRAUD !
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