Oregon Proposes Bill To Require Pit Bull Insurance

March 3, 2009

Instead of banning pit bulls as pets altogether in Oregon (an idea that was dropped on March 2), the state House is now considering a measure that would require pit bull owners to maintain liability insurance, or face fines.

According to a summary of House Bill 2852, if the measure is passed, pit bull owners who fail to secure the proper liability insurance would be considered in violation of state law, which would be punishable by a maximum fine of $180. Courts also could order the dog’s keeper to prove he or she is in compliance within a certain period of time. And failing to that could be punishable by a maximum fine of $720 per day. Additionally, the bill would make it a crime to maintain a dangerous dog, punishable by imprisonment, fine, or both.

The bill would eliminate potential dangerous dog behavior from the public nusiance statute, and add menacing behavior to the public nuisance statute. As defined by the bill text, a pit bull would be considered dogs that are listed as American pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terrirers or American Staffordhisre terriers; and have an appearance and physical characteristics that substantially conform to the breed standards of the United Kennel Club for those dogs.

For more information, isit www.leg.state.or.us/09reg/measures/hb2800.dir/hb2852.intro.html.

Source: Oregon Legislature

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