10 Hot Industries to Target in 2011

March 21, 2011

What are the hot industries to target in the post-recession 2011? Many people automatically cite technology, healthcare and energy as leaders. Those might be the no-brainers when it comes to forecasting hot industries. But categories that broad do not help those looking to target their efforts. What segments within those broad categories and other industries are promising? Which are coming off of a strong year in 2010 or hold special promise for 2011?

Los Angeles-based industry research firm IBISWorld has identified the top growth industries for this year. They include some that are poised for a comeback along with others that stand to gain from new attitudes coming out of the recession. IBISWorld provides in-depth industry analysis with industry conditions, key statistics, competitor analysis and market share, product and customer segmentation and a five-year forecast at www.ibisworld.com. The following are some of the top growth industries selected from IBISWorld’s top-growth list. It includes a number dominated by smaller firms:

Financial Planning
As consumers come out of the recession, they will be more inclined to seek out the services of professional advisers.

Investment Banking/ Securities Dealing
The dramatic highs and lows will be gone, which will foster greater consumer confidence in investment banking and securities dealings.

Multi-Family Home Building
As the housing market picks up, contractors and developers working in higher-density population areas and large master-planned communities will benefit.

New Car Dealers
The dealerships that survived the shutdowns of 2009 will increasingly turn to online sales and developing parts and repairs services to increase revenue. New models from carmakers will spur industry demand.

Advertising Agencies
The shift of advertising from traditional media to direct promotions continues but many agencies have formed or acquired special divisions designed to provide new media services.

Debt Collection Firms
The economy is set to recover over the next five years, and with that should come improving debt recovery rates. Debt collection agencies will experience renewed demand.

E-Commerce and Online Auctions
The industry has experienced exceptionally rapid growth this decade, outperforming most retail sectors. Consumers have become more comfortable buying online thanks to Internet payment systems like PayPal.

Environmental Consulting
More companies want to go green and as corporate profits recover, more of them will have the funds to do so. Also, a rise in public infrastructure projects will further drive up demand.

Job Training /Career Counseling
The future is brightest for those who are close to key markets (youth) and have access to a highly skilled workforce.

Real Estate Appraisal
As residential and commercial developments spring up again over the next five years to 2015, revenue will increase steadily.

For more top growth markets and more in-depth reports, visit www.ibisworld.com.

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