Illinois Woman Convicted on Multiple Counts of Insurance Fraud

August 18, 2015

Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) Acting Director Anne Melissa Dowling announced an investigation by the department’s Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit (WCFU) has resulted in the conviction of an Algonquin woman, Tracy Williams (aka: Tracy Wanker).

Williams, who was named in a 10-count indictment on charges of workers’ compensation fraud, insurance fraud, aggravated insurance fraud and perjury related to her claims for benefits, has been convicted and sentenced in Kane County, Illinois.

Williams, who pleaded guilty to felony workers’ comp fraud on July 29, 2015, was sentenced to two years’ probation and ordered to pay $14,737.86 in restitution, as well as fines, fees, and court costs for obtaining nearly $90,000 in workers’ compensation benefits.

Williams had also been charged with three additional counts of workers’ compensation fraud, four counts of insurance fraud, and one count each of aggravated insurance fraud and perjury resulting from the investigation of three complaints related to claims she filed with the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission (IWCC).

The department said Williams filed false reports of work-related injuries; she subsequently misrepresented her medical condition and exaggerated her symptoms to her employers, medical treatment providers, and insurance companies. She created the impression the injuries she claimed to have suffered while at work were more extensive than they really were in order to collect temporary total disability (TTD) benefits, receive unnecessary medical care, and to remain off work.

Since 1987, Williams has filed nineteen claims with the IWCC against multiple employers.

The WCFU conducted the investigation, which involved claims filed against three employers, proving several of the reported accidents did not happen as Williams claimed. The cases were referred to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General for prosecution.

Source: Illinois Department of Insurance

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