Best Agency to Work For – South Central: Rich & Cartmill

By | November 5, 2015

Best Agencies to Work For 2015 SilverTULSA, OKLAHOMA

Rich & Cartmill Inc.

Best Agency to Work For – South Central

Rich & Cartmill Inc: A Package Deal

One theme that emerged from employee comments about the Tulsa, Okla.-based agency, Rich & Cartmill Inc., in Insurance Journal‘s annual online survey of the Best Agencies to Work For was that the company treats it staff members very, very well.

Rich & Cartmill, awarded the Silver designation as IJ‘s Best Agency to Work For in 2015 – South Central Region, is a large, regional agency. In addition to Tulsa, it has offices in Oklahoma City and Owasso, Okla; Ozark, Mo.; Greeley, Colo.; and Olathe, Kan.

Even so, it “has the feel of a small agency,” wrote one employee in responding to IJ‘s online survey. “It’s like a big family.”

Rich & Cartmill is a “package deal,” said another. “I have not heard of another company that continues to make their employees priority in every way. Through health insurance increases they still pay 100 percent of employees’ health insurance, contribute to 401K, help pay for deductibles. They are very flexible with life happening outside of work and recognize and encourage family before business.”

“I’ve only worked in two agencies, but by far and away, Rich & Cartmill has the most nurturing environment for both the client and the support staff,” said still another.

Rich & Cartmill President Vaughn Graham said it “is very gratifying to learn our employee team members see and understand the time and effort made to create a professional, business atmosphere which is special to all, themselves and Rich & Cartmill customers they serve. I am very pleased they are willing to share that with others.”

Rich & Cartmill Insurance and Bonds was established in Tulsa in 1922 by John R. Cartmill and Irwin D. Rich. “Many of the same values upon which we were founded then, are the cornerstone of our business philosophies today. Everyone at Rich & Cartmill recognizes and embraces those values every day,” Graham said.

Graham, who recently was installed as vice-chairman of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (Big “I”), added that the agency holds to a couple of key guiding principles that its shareholders believe distinguishes the firm from its competitors.

RichCartmill bldg“One is integrity. We do what we say we will do in our business dealings, we have since 1922. The other is the trust relationship developed and maintained with our employee team members, each and every customer who chooses to do business with us, and the variety and strengths of our company partners,” he said.

That sense of integrity and trust obviously filters through all levels of the agency, as Rich & Cartmill’s producers received a lot of praise from co-workers responding to the Best Agency survey.

“Our producers work hard to increase the profitability of the agency and to grow continuously,” said one employee.

“The producers work together [with] Account Managers (CSRs) to make sure the client’s business is protected at the most economical level for his needs – not the needs of the producer and/or the agency,” said another.

Another respondent said the more seasoned producers regularly take young producers “under their wings,” mentoring them and showing them how to be successful.

Another wrote that the producer they work with “really cares about his clients and wants to do the best for them.” And he “treats his Account Managers with respect and listens to us and our ideas. It’s a nice feeling.”

One employee summed up the enthusiasm his/her peers have for their company stating: “I think it speaks volumes to the fact that I personally had to wait 2 years for a position to open in Rich & Cartmill. That’s how awesome of an employer they are … people don’t leave the company unless they retire! Needless to say I am not going anywhere soon!”


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