Fair Isaac, Software AG Partner For XML Integration

May 28, 2003

San Rafael, Calif.-based Fair Isaac Corporation and Software AG Inc. announced a marketing partnership in the area of XML data integration and processing. By working together, the companies make it easier for insurers to integrate and use ACORD SPX standards in their policy and claims operations.

The new partnership allows customers to use EntireX XML Mediator and Tamino XML Server from Software AG to send non-XML data from various sources to the ACORD SPX-compliant policy application and claims processing supported by Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor and XML Manager For Insurance.

XML Manager For Insurance is part of the Blaze Advisor family of rules management products. It allows carriers to define and maintain their own unique insurance policy and claims application data requirements in compliance with ACORD SPX standards. ACORD, the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, develops U.S. standards for insurance policy and claims information transmittal between insurance carriers, agents, brokers, and other third parties. Service Provider eXtensions (SPX) are U.S. standards for extending the ACORD XML model to let carriers specify company-specific data requirements as well as error messages. ACORD and SPX allow insurance carriers to enforce data requirements and meet their unique business needs while still adhering to the industry standard.

EntireX XML Mediator lets companies convert a wide range of data formats to XML and route XML data and message streams between applications and systems. It manages requests for XML data streams, converts legacy data into standardized XML formats, and sends notifications to sending and receiving parties to track the progress and success of data transfer operations. Tamino XML Server adds the native XML storage of critical transaction information and XML components necessary for advanced queries, processing, and exception reporting.

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