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By | January 9, 2012

What do Barbara Dooley, Academy of Insurance memberships and “Insurance is Not Risk Management” have in common? All three were added to Insurance Journal‘s Academy of Insurance in 2011.

Barbara Dooley joined the Academy of Insurance in mid-2011 as the online training coordinator. Initially Dooley’s time was split between the Academy and the IJ magazine’s production team. But in September, Dooley became a full-time member of the Academy.

In her role as online training coordinator, Dooley is responsible for day-to-day management of Academy webinars. This includes: managing instructor contracts; collecting and editing class descriptions, for every class; placing each class on the Academy’s website; coordinating practice sessions with each instructor; hosting/moderating every webcast; assuring that every student receives a copy of the class (audio, video and supporting documents) within three days of the class; and soliciting feedback from students. On average, Dooley manages two webinars per week.

Dooley has a versatile background that includes banking, sales and online campaign management giving her a well-rounded skill-set. Some of her past work experience includes providing financial solutions to meet a wide variety of client specific needs, achieving rigorous sales goals and ensuring full delivery of online campaigns by analyzing online traffic reports. In her free time she enjoys do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and blogging. Dooley’s blog can be found at

The Secret: Academy Memberships

Academy memberships may be our best-kept secret; but this past year the Academy of Insurance introduced agencies, brokers and insurance carriers the opportunity to become a member of the Academy. Members pay a one-time subscription giving them 12-month access to essentially every course, live or on-demand, offered by the Academy, depending on the membership purchased.

Three membership levels are available: Gold, Platinum and Executive. Each offers an increasing level of member benefits up to and including the option to have a class written and presented live just for the member. Platinum-level and Executive-level memberships have limited availability (because of the benefits provided). Only 40 Platinum-level memberships are available; and Executive-level memberships are limited to 20.

More detailed information on memberships is available at:

New Book!

“Insurance is Not Risk Management! The Insurance Professional’s Guide to Risk Management and Insurance” is the Academy’s fifth book. This latest Academy book answers questions such as: Is “risk” the enemy or is it necessary? What is risk management? And, how does insurance fit into the concept of risk management?

Beyond simply answering these questions, “Insurance is Not Risk Management” expounds on the ubiquity of risk, defines risk, discusses the theory of risk management, details the risk management process, delves into insurance and puts insurance in its rightful place within the overall concept of risk management.

“Insurance is Not Risk Management” includes chapters covering insurance regulation, the unique contractual aspects of the insurance policy, negligence and legal liability theories, and the premium audit process and rules. Chapter 10 is the capstone chapter; it provides the reader with the guidelines necessary to read and understand ANY insurance policy.

All experience levels can benefit from the concepts presented in this book. Even those who have not chosen insurance as a profession will find this book beneficial. This and all five Academy books covering topics such as workers’ compensation, business income, property and casualty insurance concepts, and misunderstood coverages can be found at:

Yes, 2011 was a year of new additions; some we didn’t even mention. And 2012 promises to be just as exciting for Insurance Journal‘s Academy of Insurance. During 2012 the Academy is launching a program designed to help employers assess the technical insurance knowledge of their employees; adding new books to our library; and potentially introducing a new subscription product for the true insurance professional.

Welcome to 2012 and welcome to the Academy of Insurance. We look forward to serving and hosting you this year.

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Christopher J. Boggs joined the insurance industry in 1990. He is currently the Executive Director, Big I Virtual University and former Vice President of Education for Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance. More from Christopher J. Boggs

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